Twins – my life upside downs – East Surrey Hospital fast becoming our second home!

I can’t believe I am so close to getting you all up to present day with Team Grover’s life with twins. I have a few more bits to tell you about what happened in the first year of the Grover two’s lives, below is the first bit…

So, we were still in hospital with Jack and his swollen ‘bits’. We had been there for a night already, the next morning the doctors were doing their ward round and finally got to us. The doctor checked Jack over and asked if his swelling had reduced. I said that it had a bit, but not much. She then asked if I had a picture of what they were like at the height of the swelling – I mean, really, do people take pictures of their children’s privates? You don’t know who could get hold of it! In hindsight I wish I had, just to show how bad it was… Anyway, the doctor said she was sending round the UTI consultant to check Jack over. They had started him on a course of antibiotics too, they seemed to be helping him.

The UTI consultant came to see us, he wasn’t too happy with how Jack’s ‘bits’ looked and said he would organise for them to be scanned. This was to check that they weren’t twisted in anyway. He warned me that if they were Jack would have to have an emergency operation to correct it! Now, I am not one to worry about things until I need to but I have to admit, this did send me into a little bit of a spin… The scan was organised really quickly and we headed off down to the right department to get seen. I didn’t have a buggy with us so the lovely nurses got one for us to go in (Jack was getting rather heavy by now, so I didn’t fancy carrying him! And the nurses didn’t want me walking around with Jack). He looked all grown up in the buggy, my little 5 month old boy. We got to the right department and I felt rather weird that someone was scanning my son’s testicles, but it had to be done. I popped him on the table and took his nappy off ready for the scan – of course, as boys always seem to do, he peed just as the guy was about to put the scanner on him! How embarrassing! The scan was quick and he assured me that there was no twist in them – yah! I was so relieved, the thought of Jack going under the knife was not a nice thought at all! Now I didn’t need to worry and also proved to myself that I must not worry about anything until it happens from now on – such a waste of energy!


We got back on the ward and the UTI man came back to see us – he wasn’t happy with Jack’s reaction to the antibiotics and he now wanted Jack to have a scan on his kidneys to confirm it hadn’t spread anywhere else. That would happen the next day, so for now we could settle back into our room and chill out. The time soon came for us to have the next scan and Richard came along to this one, thank god! We got back down to the right department and waited – this time there was no buggy free for us to use so Richard had to push me in a wheelchair holding Jack (if anyone knows him he is not the best driver of a car, let alone a wheelchair! We had some near misses going to the right department!). We got in the room and had to strip Jack again, this time the nappy stayed on. As they scanned Jack he burst into laugher, he is very ticklish! Now, as you will know if you’ve ever had to take antibiotics they play havoc with your tummy and make you poo quite a bit. Because Jack was laughing so hard he then farted, and followed through… the smell was immense and it started to seep through the nappy (of course, I hadn’t thought to bring nappies with us as we were only going for a quick scan, oh boy! And I had to carry him back to the ward! Another change of clothes for me!). The good news though, no spread of any infection to Jack’s kidneys! Yippeee!

I had asked Richard to bring Jack some sleep suits – what would you think I meant? PJ’s? Vest? Babygro? No, not my husband, he bought along a sleeping bag! With Jack poo’ing for England he was going through clothes fast and I was running out! We live 45 mins from East Surrey and Richard needed to get home to take Jessica off my sisters hands (she’s got two children of her own to sort out!). We managed to make do and get through the night, it so hot in hospital he slept in the sleeping back and a vest. The next morning he was still getting rid of this poo and we ran out of clothes! I had to make an emergency call to Chloe, who lives near Redhill and the only friend local who had a baby too, albeit Lola is 10 months older than Jack, Chloe had some bits I could use. Dan, her husband, dropped them down to the hospital for me (what life savers! And savers of Jack’s modesty!). I now know that my son looks good in whatever he wears, he rocks pink like a rock star!


Luckily the ward round bought us good news that day. After 4 days and 3 nights in hospital Jack was discharged! Yipee! We could get home to Jessica and normality again. I find staying in hospital very draining, it was so good to get home! As the twins were now 5 months old I cracked on with weaning when we got home – they LOVED it! Within a few weeks we’d got into a great routine, using the Annabel Carmel book and timetable, and they both took to it well enjoying all the food I gave them. Audrey, Jack’s specialist Health Visitor, organised for a weaning expert to come and chat to me about how we were getting on and what to do next. She gave me some great advice and said to implement the next step routine when they were 6 months old. So the day they turned 6 months I started that routine and we’ve not looked back! Had a few issues with Jack choking, but he soon learnt to sort himself out and still does – good boy!

Richard and I were on a countdown to going away for a break with friends, in May 2016, to VEGAS BABY! And I was now starting to get a bit nervous, what if Jack was ill whilst we were away, how would I feel leaving them for more than one night, would our parents cope, the list went on… We had a few more hospital visits before we went away, will tell you those tales in the next blog! Life with my little ones was certainly filled with lots of fun, laughter, love and some challenges to boot!


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