Twins – my life upside downs – this is it!

OMG – hold onto your hats people, I am going to, finally, get up to present day with this blog! I do have some things to tell you about before I quite get there though…

When the twins turned 1 we had a few ‘things’ happen that month (October 2016). Firstly Jessica reached a huge milestone and started walking! She was very shaky, as all small people are to begin with, but she did it and quickly got the hang of it (and loved it too!). Jack reached a huge milestone too and began to crawl! commando style to begin with but boy did he move – I remember one day being able to leave them in the front room to the next Jessica was off walking and Jack was in the kitchen before I could blink! This was a game changer for us, but we loved every minute of it. 9 days after their first birthday Jessica was booked in for her hernia operation. Yes, we still had that to get through! Richard and I took her for this procedure and we had to go to Brighton Hospital for it. This was because they were born there and her ‘after birth’ issues were all dealt with by Brighton. We had to get there for midday and because she was one of the youngest she would go down for her operation first. that day was just awful, so tense and hard, especially as she was nil by mouth and our Jessica does love her food! We took loads of food for her to have after she woke and some milk too. Richard took her down to the operating room and waited with her while they put her under – I was a nervous wreck waiting in the room for him and we decided to go and get some lunch, as the operation would take around an hour. It was probably the longest hour of both our lives and we waited anxiously in her room for the nurse to let us know she was out of theatre. When she came to get us we walked to the recovery room and all we could hear was poor little Jessica crying… broke my heart. We walked in and she held her hands out to me and I scooped her up, being careful to not squeeze her too hard as her tummy was bound to be sore. She didn’t stop crying for around an hour – if you have ever had an anesthetic you will know how awful it makes you feel, so it was quite understandable she was so upset. She wouldn’t eat or drink either and the nurse said that they needed to see her eat and drink before she could go home. After an hour of crying Jessica came round and had some food and a bit of milk – yah! The consultant who operated on her came to see her and explained that the hernia was a lot bigger than he anticipated and to expect that it will come back at some point in the future – he had left her belly button slightly baggy for her to grow into, so to not be too disappointed it wasn’t smaller. Two hours after being operated on we were back in the car and on our way home! My Mum was looking after Jack and was very pleased to see Jessica back home and looking so happy! That was that little hurdle out-of-the-way.

Jack was next to go back to hospital for an appointment, at 13 months old we went to see Dr Atkinson for his 12 month developmental check up. She was so pleased with his progress and we chatted about schooling and that she would make a referral to get Jack into the system to be reviewed and discuss his school – he was 13 months old! She also made a referral to Portage, an educational support service for pre-school children with learning disabilities. So all was moving in the right direction. Then Jack pulled a blinder… as we were leaving he waved goodbye to Dr Atkinson, I couldn’t have been prouder! We also went back to see Dr Avi, who was Jack’s medical pediatrician – he was so pleased with Jack’s progress and that he hadn’t had any major issues with his health and in particular his chest for ages. Dr Avi said he didn’t feel he needed to see Jack again but would keep his fast track passport available and review it in a years time. That gave me comfort we still had the ability to go to East Surrey Hospital and into CAU at any sign of an issue.

We had a few hospital day visits with Jack over the coming months, but it was winter and there were lots of coughs and colds flying around. He was dealing with them far better and Richard and I were better equipped to support him through them too. In fact Jessica had a worse cold than Jack for the first time!

In early 2017 Jack managed to pull himself up and has started to ‘sofa surf’ while Jessica was very confident on her feet and running around getting Jack everything he wanted! Jack’s crawling really came on and he was super fast! I was kept on my toes big time! At around 17 months Jessica started to talk! She had been signing with me for a while but now put words with the signs – I can’t believe how quickly these little people pick stuff up and how they develop so quickly, little sponges.

When the twins turned 19 months I turned 44 the same day (how the hell is that possible, I still think I am only 25!). And I also can’t believe how two years ago I was telling people I was pregnant and with twins!  I still can’t believe how far we have all come and not a day goes by when I don’t get choked up that Richard and I made these two amazing human beings!
They are nearly 21 months now and fast approaching the big 2! Jack is walking, not everywhere just yet, but he is so nearly there and Jessica is a right chatterbox! I never really understood when people said enjoy the time they are tiny and babes in arms – it really does go so quick and they develop their personalities and develop themselves so, so quickly!
Now we are up to date my plan is to do a fortnightly/monthly blog and will use our Facebook & Instagram pages – Twins – my life upside downs – to post on! Please do follow us and huge thanks for all the likes, shares, comments and follows so far xxx

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