Twins – my life upside downs – 2 years ago today…

The 9th October 2015, what a night that was for me…

It was my third night in East Surrey Hospital, I had been waiting for my twins to be delivered there but they had no room in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) so I was sat waiting to be transferred down to Brighton Hospital.

I was 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant and struggling BIG time. I was about the size of a whale, which is quite some feat considering I am 5ft 1inc (and a half) and usually a size 8/10! I had severe oedema, was being monitored for pre-eclampsia and twin 2 had polyhyramnios (excessive fluid around him) and as a result I couldn’t really feel him moving and he was putting a lot of pressure on twin 1, our little girl. So all in all it was getting all too much for me. East Surrey were amazing and had giving me a set of floatron boots (as I was so swollen I couldn’t wear the standard compression socks, even the mens large sized ones were way too tight – so that gives you an idea of how swollen I was), they had also organised for me to have a special mattress, as I was in danger of getting bed sores as I struggled to get up and move around – going to the toilet was a proper mission, taking me a minimum of 5 minutes to manoeuvre myself out of bed and then a long time to walk to the toilet as I couldn’t stand upright for long. Quite frankly if they didn’t get the babies out soon I was in danger of being bedridden!

At midnight I was finally transferred down to Brighton. It was my second time in an ambulance (first time was rather embarrassing – don’t say a word Lisa & Holly!), and if you have ever had a trip in an ambulance you will know how uncomfortable it was for me. I was rolling around on the bed, as we bumped up and down. We did have a laugh though, two ambulance crew, a midwife and I – and we challenged the driver to beat her record time of getting from East Surrey to Brighton, she did not disappoint! I had to tell them to stop making me laugh too much though, it hurt to laugh!

I was settled into a private room, given another shot of steroids and instructed to be nil by mouth until I had the babies delivered. I am not going to lie, I was getting a bit scared, and very excited, by it all now – knowing I would be cut open in the morning and I would finally get to meet my little miracles. I had waited 6 long years for this moment… and it was a moment that has changed my life, for the better.


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